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A rock-like mural installation on the side of the Chrysler Building in New York would be a cool place to introduce the new 7-passenger Jeep Commander. The campaign kick-off would include seven rock climbers scaling up the building. All interactive elements like texting, pushing and Bluetooth broadcasts allow others not present to participate.

Val’s “white glove” Housekeeping didn’t need a big budget to get her point across. Just a big idea.

Logo and brand identity for Ben and Keesha’s Soup Kitchen Cafe, a small but popular, genteel but modern deli in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh.

The stage for DODGE GARAGE BAND TOUR resembles a Dodge pickup. It’s a tailgate party. Fans who attended the events had exclusive access to promotional and purchasing opportunities from Dodge on their mobile devices. is a website offering over 90,000 high res landscape images. Downloading images for comps and final art can make the creative person’s life easier. It’s a gold mine of inspiration. And it’s time to let them know.

Hugely impressive promotion materials and portfolio packaging for Armstrong White, a 3d digital art studio.

To attract new members, Flying Rhino Cycling Club needed an attitude adjustment and a fresh look with low-budget guerrilla marketing ideas.

Creating a password, you enter into the BLU ROOM. The user is greeted by the hostess, Shawna. Conversation, both verbal and text, direct the user to areas in the site.

This is a proposed identity and website for BLU ROOM, part Playboy mansion, part Skybar and part brothel. Built for 18-35 year old single males, BLU ROOM is an experience built around selling men’s custom fitted BLUDIC t-shirts.

This THINK BEFORE YOU INK! campaign endorses Anderson Lithograph reducing its environmental footprint using issues confronted with facts in a visually compelling, somewhat lighthearted way. It’s like Far Side wit meets National Geographic.

Postcard ideas for The Getup, a vintage clothing store offering trendy clothing for fashion conscious young men and women.

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This 24 page 12”x 9” book shaped like a shopping bag is filled with marketing ideas for Chrysler to partner with some of the best known and most popular consumer brands. Its intent is to turn the car buying business into an enjoyable and informative shopping mall experience.

DRAW (Disaster Relief At Work) provides relief services to communities that have been hit by natural disasters. I’m here to help with their identity, visual graphics and fundraisers.

Some ideas in the book include video projection, interactive kiosks and large static cling murals.

QR codes sharing information and larger-than-life deals are placed in unusual locations around the mall.

What started as a suggestion by Carolyn’s friends to sell her delicious handcrafted sweets, turned into a serious hobby with a delicious ending.

Small space ads for Mary’s Tax Service to promote personal attention and increase awareness around the dreaded tax time.

To create a brand language out of the new meaning and mission for the clothing store REVIVE. Develop everything with style and voice. From a new logo to the design and feel of the shopping experience.

Ads and posters designed to help adults stay safe and healthy in their home. Critical Signal Technologies is the nation’s largest provider of Personal Emergency Response Systems.

Logo identity and website design for CITY, a general contractor services company.

Created a series of eye-catching small space ads for FlexCable, designers of flexible servo motor cables.

St. Anthony’s Church needed help in getting young people to show up at Sunday mass. Maybe this poster will wake them up.

This 20”x 11” corrugated cardboard container is a brand awareness leave-behind promoting the Dodge truck brand. Inside is a tool belt filled with ideas for marketing events, programing and partnerships.

Trail map for the second annual GOah! NOAH! BICYCLE RIDE, RUN & WALK fundraiser to benefit the American Brain Tumor Association. Free GOah! NOAH! shoelaces for everyone who attended.

BOOTY SHAWL is a hip-hugging woman’s clothing accessory.  A logo and brand identity was needed to carry through on packaging, displays, Etsy and their website.

Logo identity and a unique square business card for

INSPIRED WELLNESS, a holistic studio offering an alternative to traditional fitness.

Reel n’ Smoke created a line of products branded with the freedom of the outdoors. Here are label designs for their BBQ & Dippin’ Sauce and All-Purpose Seasoning. Then we branded a retro trailer to sell them in.

This 24 page marketing manual for the DODGE GARAGE BAND TOUR acknowledges the impact rock music is having on the American youth. It suggests ways for Dodge and young people to participate in live events through cross-marketing, augmented reality, displays and web traffic.

The goal was to develop a bold graphic identity for


The PRIVATE FITTING ROOM is the heart of the BLU ROOM online store. 6 shirts, 3 colors available.

User selects a shirt for fitting. Convivial, willing, attractive young women help one try it on.

The ladybug logo for Glorious Gardens symbolizes good fortune. Included here are a leaf shaped business card, website, lawn signs and small space ads to promote their landscape design business. Work shirts and truck logo let people know the best is in the area.

Poster ideas for DRINKS X DESIGN.